Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eyes on K!O

DJ K!0 latest quick shoot was yesterday by LILY FRANCES
i had the pleasure to attend this random outting yesterday in greenpoint
didnt stay long tho because my buzz was wearin off(skating drunk at 2 in the afternoon is the way to do it) I needed a refill of that sweet alcohol which they wouldnt get me=assholes but whateves the pics came out DOPE so here they are for ya

ITS PARTY TIME TONIGHT FOLKS if your not sure what you want to do on a tuesday well come on down to RANDO in LES you should see us stumbling around slurring our speech and possibly lookin to do more bad things thats good for the body ohhhhh yeahhh we like to live life in a blur

song of the moment right now:

bear eats hipsters

BULLSHIT this is real news!!! Theres a bear on the loose in bk our sources say that its heading towards bedford st!!! beware its mean and has a specific hunger for HIPSTERS...so if your not sure you this is you or not view this diagram

Woke up this morning to a couple of good jams love it when that happens it makes your day that much better to wake up with a song in your head then hear that same song the second you get up

and cant forget the late night flick with DAVID LYNCH's- MUHOLLAND DR. fuckin rawesome movie it is the shiiet we suggest everyone to watch that shit love the lezzie scenes ohhhh yeah

stay away run for your life this BEAR is no joke

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA ohhhh shit we love google its the jam we typed in HIPSTERS and found drunk hipsters to make this joke a joke and to our surprise we see our boy TOMMY B. who did our earlier BAD MANNERS parties back in la chillin in the cut with that same goofy look hahahahahahahahaha TOMMY B. your hilarious we salute you!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

it starts for everyone!!!

when we came to new york we expected it to be something like this.....we kinda of got a little bit of that but it seems to be lacking something we know what it is......we feel new york is WAY to conservative maybe we havent seen all of what new york has to offer or maybe we're just livin in a new world well...fuck that new world shit give us that classy and trashy!!! SINCE it is new york it means we can make it into anything we want and what we want is MONEY SUCCESS FAME GLAMOUR MIXED WITH MUSIC AND DRUGs!!! time to LIVE FRESH and DIE HARD...dont get us WRONG we LOVE THIS FUCKIN PLACE THERES NO PLACE LIKE IT buuuuuutttttttt...what happend to the wildness? the color??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

okay so before i start really gettin into bloggin which will be MARCH 1st im gonn...wait fuck that im gonna start on a random ass day instead of on the 1st. so to start first is that im workin on away to better promote K&C i mean goin out and gettin wrecked is the trashy way yes but now i gotta do both so the birth of this blog! dont know exactly what the fuck i should be bloggin about so it will be extremely random.

now guess i should let you know about our new direction. We'll still be making everything cut and sew but it wont be random pieces anymore. We'll be doing limtied quantities and collections but as you know us it will always be classy and trashy.
speaking of classy and trashy we'll also be making screen prints for each collection
giving our peeps more to choose from.....and for you cheap ass something cheaper haahahahahha ahhhhhhhh yes that was really un-needed but im gonna keep this whole section in so you can realize how easily amused i am. ANDY WARHOL IS DEAD

Live Fresh Die Hard